Yetti - Ozima pšenica

Broj proizvoda: 3600.1
Informacije o proizvodu "Yetti - Ozima pšenica"
Sowing rate: 400-500 seeds per m2


- Achieves high yields in all areas of cultivation;
- It maintains yield stability on acidic soils;
-Earliness in combination with high yield;
- It tolerates low temperatures well during the winter;
-Early earing and quick ripening;
- Expressed ability to create a large number of bokors;
- On soils enriched with manure, it is preferable to use a growth regulator;
- It reacts well to the increase of nitrogen;
- Makes a lot of straw.

Sowing date: until October 25

Physical features

Plant height: 95 cm
Hectoliter weight: 85 kg/hl
Weight of 1000 grains: 46 g
Protection: Two fungicidal treatments are recommended
Fertilization: Total amount  not less than 130 kg/ha

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