Company History

Agrimatco was founded in 1936. It was founded by the late Khalil Miqdadi who recognized the need and incredible potential for agriculture in the Middle East. After university education and the diploma he obtained in France, he returned to Tulkarim in Palestine, where he started his business. Focusing mainly on the needs of agricultural producers, he opened a company for the distribution of seeds, fertilizers, tools and machinery, as well as agrochemical products. 

Khalil Miqdadi knew that these products alone could not provide farmers with a return on investment, they also needed advice, consultations, instructions and guides, solutions to problems and situations. As the owner of an acquired education and diploma, Khalil Miqdadi was able to successfully respond to this type of request and that was the day Agrimatco was born.

The pioneering spirit and work started by the late Khalil Miqdadi was continued by sons Khaled, Mustafa and  late Isam. Their commitment to work and belief in the value of the company led to the subsequent expansion of the business. These days, the third generation of the Miqdadi family is joining them in the family business. The management philosophy of the company directs agronomists to visit the producers, familiarize themselves with the problems and offer them efficient and optimal solutions, and as such is the main reason for the success of the Agrimatco company.

Agrimatco continues to demonstrate a continuous commitment and interest in agriculture as a whole and wants to present the unique Agrimatco style to as many cultures and peoples in their country as possible, investing in local communities and people who can sustain and continue the success of the company in the domestic territory.

Meet our team of experts

Milan Vujanović

General Manager

Vladan Nedić

Deputy director and vegetabel seed and fertilizer unit Manager

Saša Petković

Crop seed unit Manager

Saša Božić

Pesticide unit Manager